What is the Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar?

It has been developed over 40 years into its current form by Dr. Balaji Tambe and his team of doctors and therapists.
It involves traditional diet planning, the use of herbal preparations and natural tonics, yoga, music, certain behavioural practices, and medicines as and when required. It uses all these methods in harmony to create physical, emotional and environmental conditions that will help the child that is to be born.
It starts with preparations that can begin a year or more before conception, cover pregnancy, facilitate easy and natural childbirth and will guide parents until their child is two years old. In short, it covers conception, pregnancy and child development.

For both parents-to-be

A balanced hormonal state and excellent reproductive cells fore conception.
Emotional and psychological preparation before conception
Guidelines for the preparation of conception
The book outlines the possible obstacles to childbirth. For solutions though, Dr Tambe’s team of doctors at the Atmasantulana village must be contacted. They have an outstanding record in this regard.

For the mother

Physical, emotional and psychological confidence before and after conception. Perfectly regulated menstrual cycles before conception.
Practices that take care of and harmonize all the possible activities to be regulated during pregnancy – food, exercise, environment, personal care, psychological conditioning. These include the use of yoga and healing music. Healing music is perhaps one of the most important parts of this process. Excellent guidelines to work towards a natural, complication-free and stress free delivery.
Detailed post-delivery care. This is aimed at quick return to hormonal balance, trouble free lactation, balanced breast milk and detailed information about the baby’s needs. All of this leads to confident and satisfying motherhood, even if a woman has had her first child.
Food practices, therapy (eg. methods of massage etc.), and health care practices for the baby. This includes remedies for any small health concerns for the baby.
Exercises, applications and tonics that help the mother retain strength through breastfeeding and the numerous other activities undertaken for the baby.
Guidance on the baby’s daily routine, general hygiene, environmental enhancements and precautions. Guidance on Child Development Milestones and other necessary health activities like immunization etc.

For the child

A comfortable, secure and fulfilling stay in the womb.
Greater psychological development in the womb with the help of healing music.
Specific nutrition at specific points of foetal development through the mother’s regulated diet. In fact, a month-wise diet is prescribed.
A natural vaginal delivery, which is far less traumatic compared to the shock of sudden exposure to the outside environment in a caesarian section.
An informed mother, who is also in the optimum physical and psychological state to nurture the baby.
Fewer illnesses during childhood. Excellent development of the intellect from an early age. Rapid developmental milestone accomplishment.