Yoga during and after pregnancy

YOGA DURING PREGNANCY – 1 Earlier generations of women were used to doing household chores themselves. This ensured that their bodies remained flexible, and the need for separate physical exercise did not arise. Our modern lifestyle has made life ‘easier’, but our bodies have become less flexible. The muscles used during childbirth remain under-utilized in […]

The importance of Healing Music

HEALING MUSIC AND MEDITATION Music is an integral part of Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar. Ayurveda emphasizes that harmonious music should be played at home at all times. Like its mother’s voice, the foetus can hear other music as well. It is possible to instill certain values (sanskar) into the growing foetus through certain types of music, […]

Ayurvedic concepts and medical formulations for pregnancy

DIET AFTER PANCHA KARMA After Pancha Karma, Ayurveda advises specific medicines that help increase the potency of the sperm and ovum and raise ojas (life energy). It also provides detailed guidance on diet. In the Ayurvedic system of understanding the body, shukra dhatu is the final and deepest layer of body tissue (body constituent). It […]

Planing for a healthy child and preparing for pregnancy

MENTAL PREPARATION Ayurveda advocates that both man and woman should be willing to have a child and carry out the recommended preparations before conception. Unplanned or accidental pregnancies are strongly opposed in Ayurved. Therefore, only when the man and woman are physically and mentally prepared, should they plan a baby. In this verse, the word […]

Traditional Indian Sanskar and therapies

THE GIFT OF GARBHADHAAN Ayurveda and other ancient Indian sciences talk about the concept of the ‘Sixteen Sanskars’ to be performed during one’s life. These rituals are designed to help the person achieve success, longevity and prosperity. Garbhadhaan is the first of these, performed for a person by one’s parents. While Garbhadhaan includes conceiving the child, it […]